Giving Back

In this particular sermon we discuss the importance of giving back. By going through ancient religious texts, we make comparisons to some of the modern day saints that we are all familar with. From there, we discuss the possibilities that we face in our everyday lives to actually make a difference for those who are less fortunate.


Finding Faith Within

This sermon stresses the importance of being able to find your faith within your own heart. Nowadays we look to so many other places for validation, when that should be starting with ourselves. From there, we will start to see our faith grow and with it our ability to become well rounded people.


Forgiving Yourself

When you are unable to find peace within then things are going to be tumultuous in your life. We are all people, which means that we make mistakes. It is in our nature. The thing is to learn from these mistakes and use them as a life lesson. From there you can help others and better yourself as well.


Uncovering Your Spiritual Journey

What works for you may not work for someone else and vice versa. This does not mean that there is any one right way to go down the road of spirtuality. In this sermon we explore what it means to be spirtual and how to make sure you are doing what works best for you and your situation. Also we look into forcing others to think the same and how that is detrimental to us all as a society.


Your Religious Journey

Sometimes we grow up in one religion and feel as if that is our only option. It is forcefed to us and it literally becomes part of our chemical makeup. But we see that as detrimental for some people who need to see the other options. In this sermon we dive into other religions to open your eyes to the other possibilites out in the world.


Studying Different Religious Literature

Being able to dive into other pieces of religious literature can make you a much stronger spirtual being. It is important for you to be able to cross reference similarities and differences in the types of literature. You will be surprised at all that you can learn about yourself and your spirtuality by exploring the literary pieces of other religions.


How Important is Religion?

During this time in history we are finding that some of the most corrupt people on the planet identify with certain religions. We dive into the importance of religion in today’s society and what it means on your quest to be a better person. There is no one way to find yourself, but here we look at what role religion plays in that spirtual journey.


When Is Service Enabling

In this sermon we look back in history at all of the service projects that have actually hurt the communities they were supposed to help. Based on our teachings we invite our members to come up with unique practices that can help those who are in need. We do not want to destroy communities, we want to build them and the way to do this is to learn from the mistakes of our predecessors.