Women Ministry

In today’s climate, we are discovering that the future is female. Even though this should have been the way that we thought about things all the time, it is now more prevalent than ever. Our Women’s Ministry wants to reconnect you with your feminity and allow you to join a group with other powerful women voices. This is a great chance for you to branch out and join another beneficial cause.


Students Ministry

It is more stressful to be a student now more than any other time in human history. There is so much pressure put on children these days that some crumble under pressure. We believe that the best way to prevent disaster is to have a solid infrastructure set in place. This is what you will receive when you join our Student’s Ministry. A bunch of other students who get what you are going through and are there to help you.


Music Ministry

Music is a way for us to unwind and get in touch with our inner artist. You do not have to be a professional to take your craft seriously. Our Music Ministry gives you the chance to jam with some of your closest friends. Each Sunday we change up our band giving everyone the opportunity to perform. This is a great excuse for you to get on stage and stay disciplined.


Men Ministry

Sometimes men need a safe place to discuss their woes as well. At Capilla, we have given them this opportunity with our Men’s Ministry. A place where you can go and have conversations with other men about everything that you are experiencing in life. A fantastic time to build on your faith and create lasting relationships with others just like yourself.


Child Ministry

Growing up with an idea of your faith and where you stand is important for children. At Capilla, we want to instill good habits in every single one of our children so that they grow up to be outstanding citizens. This starts with learning at a young age and being the best you can be from early on.


Adult Ministry

As an adult you might think that there are not many places you can turn to get the assistance that you need. We feel the same way which is why we have started out Adult Ministry. There are so many levels of being an adult. Young adult all the way to elders are welcome to join our ministry. The combination of ages creates a perfect environment for growth and acceptance.


Soul Winning Ministry

Your soul is more than what you think. In this ministry, we go into depth about what our soul is and how to win it over. What do you need to do in order to have a clean and pure soul? Is it even possible? These are just a few of the questions that we will be discussing in this ministry. Every week there is a different discussion about our existence and what the meaning of life is, a perfect ministry for those philosophers who like to ask the deeper questions.


Multimedia Ministry

Technology is the future and it is not going anywhere. In this ministry, we discuss the future of technology and how to harness it to better your faith. This is for those who have an advanced understanding of the industry and for those who want to learn more. Come figure out the best way to infuse your use of technology with your faith.


Driving Ministry

This ministry is held in our van and takes the members around trying to convert new members. Needless to say, not everyone can join this ministry weekly. So we have a waitlist that you can join to spread the word about Capilla Del Sol. The change you want to see in the world starts within you, so start doing the right thing with our driving minstry.


Campus Ministry

For those who want to be involved in our school, this is a great start. Our campus ministry team participates in service activities and goes on all types of field trips. It’s a great way for high and middle schoolers to get involved with their community while also learning about themselves. Service is something that we should all participate in.