Our Portfolio

Below are a few pictures of all the good times we have at Capilla Del Sol. Maybe one day you will grace our website with your grand experiences.

  • A calm Sunday service at Capilla Del Sol.
  • Shot by one of our students at Capilla Del Sol, a fantastic portrait of what it means to open yourself up to your faith.
  • One of our members praying during the week. Our doors are open 24/7.
  • A wedding ceremony that was given by one of our head priests for a couple of our members.
  • One of our devout members looking out as she prepares for another day on her Capilla Del Sol mission trip.
  • A member prepares for the Sunday evening service
  • A picture from a series created by another student of Capilla Del Sol about family and relationships.
  • One of our members prays after a long day of work on a mission trip.
  • A candid photo of a member of our choir as she prepares to sing in a nationwide competition.
  • Point of view of what our preists see every Sunday.
  • A classroom in Africa that was funded by Capilla Del Sol.
  • One of our many Sunday School teachers working with one of our younger members.
  • A picture from a series created by a Capilla Del Sol student about prayer, faith and what it means to each of us.